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+375 (17) 362-91-91
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Group of companies
Cooling Systems Plant LLC
and Radiator Plant LLC
+375 (17) 362-91-91 Call
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The radiator section 7317.000

The radiator section 7317.000
Coolant: water, oil
Working pressure: up to 3 atm. (0.3 MPa)
Fields of application:
  • Railway machinery
  • Compressor units
Types of machinery:
  1. Locomotives
  2. Compressor stations
  3. Transformers
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Radiator section 7317.000 unified, TS BY 800001779.001-2003, is used as the main unit of locomotives diesel engines, electric train transformers and compressor stations cooling systems.

Radiator section 7317.000 provides heat transfer to the atmosphere to maintain the optimal coolant temperature for diesel locomotive engines, compressor stations and transformers.

The radiator section 7317.000 description:
The unified radiator section 7317.000 is a set of flat to oval tubes made of brass, with copper cooling fins on and sintered to them. The ends of the tubes are inserted into the openings of the headders made of copper. The cooling tubes are brazed to the headders. The section tubes are arranged in eight rows staggered in the direction of the air flow.

The use of a flat to oval cooling tube provides the required aerodynamic and hydraulic characteristics of the 7317.000 radiator section.

Some of the presented on the market unified 7317.000 section analogs manufacturers allow the use of round cooling tubes in their product. The use of round tubes increases the radiator section aerodynamic resistance several times, which reduces its thermal performance up to 40%.

The use of such analogs in the locomotive diesel engines' cooling system  leads to a significant increase in operating costs, an increase of the cooling fans shaft load, and, as a consequence, to a possible diesel engine overheating and the locomotive failure.

Advantages of section 7317.000 over analogues:
  • the lowest price on the market;
  • weight reduced by 30%. This reduces transport costs and simplifies the installation work;
  • the flow area for the coolant was increased, which led to a decrease in the possibility of clogging the inner surface of the cooling tubes;
  • minimum aerodynamic resistance and maximal cooling capacity;
  • high heat transfer and performance characteristics.
7317.000 application:
  • Diesel locomotives: M62, TEM 2, TEM7, TEM15, TEM18, TGM4, TGM6, TGM23, 2TE10L, TE116, TE3, TEP60, TEP70.
  • Types of transformers: ODTSE, ONDTSE of alternating current electric trains, mainline electric locomotives, passenger electric locomotives and traction units (OPE1, EP1, 2S5K, etc.).
  • Compressor stations type SD-9/101.
  • May be installed on new types of equipment, as well as during current and major repairs.

Since 2018 we have been producing and supplying to the market the modifications of the radiator section 7317.000:

- radiator section 7317.000-10;

- radiator section 7317.000-11;

- radiator section 7317.000-20;

- radiator section 7317.000-21.

Any modified section is similar to the 7317.000 radiator section and can be used for diesel locomotives repairing and various special equipment.

You can purchase a 7317.000 radiator section at the lowest price with delivery to Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Poland, the Baltic States and other countries.

Section 7317.000 is manufactured by Cooling Systems Plant LLC and Radiator Plant LLC.
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