We perform complete test cycle for radiators using multi-stage process control system.

Each radiator goes though proof tests on our own certified test stands, as well as though thermotechnical tests in specialized test operation centers.

Conducted activities:

  1. Factory acceptance testing of components using certified test stands and measuring tools.
  2. Factory acceptance testing of radiators using certified test stands and measuring tools.
  3. Periodic and thermotechnical tests of radiators in specialized laboratories owned and operated by JSC «VNIIZHT», JSC «VNIKTI», Aurubis Sweden.
  4. Tests of radiators mounted on locomotives, mining trucks and other specialized machinery.
  5. Implementation of contactless methods for diagnosis and monitoring of product quality by using infrared thermography audit. The data which result from thermovision inspection is widely used by the technical center specialists in the projects related to the development of new cooling systems.